The WordPress Toolbar

The toolbar, which runs across the top of the page, contains quick links to the most accessed parts of your site. This toolbar is visible whenever you are logged into your site, whether you are in the administrative section or on your site's front page.

By hovering over the WordPress "W" logo, you can access information about WordPress, as well as the official WordPress documentation, which is even more extensive than the help pages that are provided here.

If you are an administrator or author of multiple websites (via WordPress Multisite), you'll see a link to "My Sites," which gives you easy access to all of the sites that you have access to. If you are only an admin/author on one site, you will not see this option.

Next, you'll see a speech bubble, which represents Comments. When there are comments pending review, this icon will show the number of new comments. Just click on it to access the Comments administration panel, where you can approve, delete, and block comments.

The "+ New" link gives you quick access to adding new content, whether it's a page, blog post, news item/press release, etc.

Finally, if you hover over the "Howdy, [Your Name]" link on the right hand side, you'll be able to edit your profile (which includes your password, email address, etc.), and log out of WordPress.
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