The Editing Toolbar and the Kitchen Sink

Anywhere you are adding content to your site, you will be presented with a visual editor for adding and editing content. This editor functions very similar to a modern word processing application such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. 

Above the editor is a toolbar much like one you might find in word processing software. You can:

  • Format text (bold/italic/strikethrough)
  • Add numbered or bulleted lists
  • Change the alignment of text (left, center, or right)
  • Add links to other web pages or page breaks (this will break a blog post or page into multiple pages, so visitors will see a list of page numbers when viewing the content)
  • Run the spell checker
  • Turn on Full Screen Mode (also called "Distraction Free Editing," which shows you a minimalist view of the content editor)
  • Toggle the “Kitchen Sink” toolbar

The Kitchen Sink toolbar contains additional editing options:

  • More formatting options, (paragraph/title, underline, full alignment, and text color)
  • Options for pasting as plain text, or from Microsoft Word (more on that below)
  • An option to remove formatting from text (especially useful if pasted with different formatting from a different source)
  • A custom character selector, for things like accented letters and copyright symbols
  • Text Indenting
  • Undo/Redo (you can also use keyboard commands such as ctrl-z, ctrl-y on a PC or cmd-z and cmd-y on a Mac), and
  • A help menu specifically for the visual editor

  • Email, SSL
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