An intro to Membership Management with CiviCRM

Dana Skallman

Tadpole Collective

What is CiviMember?

CiviMember is the CiviCRM component that provides functionality to support and automate the management of memberships.

  • Configure membership levels
  • Create online sign up forms
  • Enable online payment
  • Set up scheduled renewal reminders
  • Import and export membership information
  • Create online membership directory accessible to members
  • Communicate with members
  • And much, much, more…
  • Setting up Member Types

    Demo Member Types

    CM Setup Member Types

    Status Rules

    Status rules allow you to define a journey that contacts take through their membership. These rules are defined in terms of the join, start or end date of the membership.

    Default Member Statuses

    Membership Signup Page

    Membership Contribution Page

    Check Member Types to Use

    Check Member Types to use on this Contribution Page

    Membership Contribution Page


    CiviMember Dashboard

    Admin Manual Entry

    Admin Membership Entry

    Add from Contact Record

    Use Price Sets

    CiviMember Price Sets Sample

    Scheduled Reminders

    CiviMember Scheduled Reminders

    Membership Reports

    CiviMember Reports

    Member Directory

    CiviMember Profile Directory

    Member only websites

    • User Account
    • Status Rules for Access
    • View Member Only Content

    Profile User Registration

    User Role Updates based on Member Status

    CV WP Sample Member Sync Status to Role

    Role Based Content Permissions

    Dana Skallman

    Tadpole Collective