Exploring Smart Groups

What are Groups?

A way of organizing contacts by commons activities or criteria.

  • Board Members
  • Donors
  • Event Attendees


In CiviCRM there are two types of groups:

  • Regular Groups allows you to manually place contacts into a group.
  • Smart Groups are automatically populated groups that are configured to include contacts that share a certain set of characteristics or activities.


Source: http://gitbook.civicrm.org/organising-your-data/groups-and-tags.html

Why Smart Groups?

Smart groups are ‘saved searches’.


Where can Smart Groups be used:

  • Membership status
    • All active members
    • Lapsed Members
  • Contributor ranges
    • Donors who game more than $500

How to create Members Smart Group?

Membership Advanced Search Criteria
Search Results Save as Smart Group
Naming the Smart Group
How to create Donor Smart Group?


How to edit Smart Groups?

Edit Smart Group Button
Shows existing saved search
Save changes by selecting Update Existing Smart Group
Confirm saves shows changes and name
Custom Data
CiviCRM Custom Data Smart Group
Member Directory
Active Member Directory
Member Directory Individual Contact View


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