Price Sets and Discounts

Dana Skallman

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What is a Price Set

Price sets allow you to set up flexible multi-option pricing schemes for your contribution, event and membership pages.

Created by Entity




Price Sets by Entity

Pricing Field Types

Text/Numeric Value




Price Set Field Type

Creating a Price Set

Adding a New Price Set

Adding Pricing Fields

Adding a New Price Field

How to use a Price Set

Add to a Contribution or Event Page
Selecting the Price Set

Price Set on Event Registration Page

Extending Price Sets

This extension allows the admin to create and manage discount codes that can be used on membership and event pages.

Event Additional Signup
This extension ties event registration or membership to a price option, so you have full control over the price–potentially offering a discounted bundle rate.

Group-Based Pricing
This allows you to implement things like members-only pricing for events. (by using a Smart Group to track current members) This extension works with both static and smart groups.

How to use Discounts

CiviDiscount default page

Setting up a Discount Code
How to Add a New Discount Code
Discounts for Events
Discount for Events
Discounts for Members
Discount for Members
Automatic Discounts
Automatic Discounts

Applying a Discount Code

Applying Discount Code

Automatic Discount Code

Automatic Discount Code

Dana Skallman

Tadpole Collective