Using WordPress and CiviCRM

An Overview of WordPress & CiviCRM integration

Dana Skallman & Kevin Cristiano
Tadpole Collective

Agenda Overview

A few plugins that are improving integration between WordPress and CiviCRM

  • CiviCRM Admin Utilities
  • CiviCRM WordPress Member Sync
  • CiviCRM Groups Sync
  • Caldera Forms CiviCRM
  • CiviCRM Event Organiser
  • Caldera Forms CiviCRM Redirect
  • CiviCRM ACF Integration
CiviCRM Admin Utilities

Adds various features to enhance the integreation between WordPress & CiviCRM.

CiviCRM WordPress Member Sync

Keep WordPress users in sync with CiviCRM memberships by granting either a role or capabilities to users with that membership.

CiviCRM Groups Sync

CiviCRM Groups Sync is a WordPress plugin that keeps Contacts in CiviCRM Groups in sync with WordPress Users in groups provided by the Groups plugin.

Requires: Groups plugin

Caldera Forms CiviCRM Integration

A set of processors that interact with CiviCRM’s API to retrieve/create/update CiviCRM data. The main purpose of this integration is to facilitate the creation of responsive forms and allow exposing CiviCRM fields and entities that are not supported out of the box in WordPress, like Activities, Relationships, Tags, Groups, etc.

CiviCRM Event Organiser

A WordPress plugin for syncing Event Organiser plugin Events with CiviCRM Events. The plugin syncs Event Organiser Events, Venues and Event Categories to their corresponding entities in CiviCRM.


Caldera Forms CiviCRM Redirect

This is a WordPress plugin that adds the functionality of adding and managing redirects from a CiviCRM Contribution or Event Page to a WordPress page or post (which ideally will have a Caldera Forms form in its content).

CiviCRM ACF Integration

CiviCRM ACF Integration is a WordPress plugin that enables integration between CiviCRM Entities and WordPress Entities with data synced via Advanced Custom Fields.

This plugin recommends a minimum of WordPress 4.9 & CiviCRM 5.13 and requires:
Advanced Custom Fields 5.8 or
Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.8

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