About Us

We are a workers’ collective, a partnership of professionals who pool our talents and tools . We met through the WordPress NYC Meetup, brought together by our mutual appreciation for simplicity and the evolution of small things.

Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the Collective, but we all share a strong belief in open-source software, collaborative effort and empowering the individual WordPress user.

Together, we are a mighty force that you can harness to grow your business, spread your message and know that real people have your back. Here’s a bit more about what each of us does in our “real” lives and our special capabilities and areas of expertise:

Tadpole is privileged to partner with…

Christian Wach, author of two plugins we use regularly on our client sites: CiviCRM WordPress Member Sync, and a plugin for syncing Event Organiser events with CiviCRM events. With a background in the visual and performing arts, and training in math and sciences, Christian focus on ways to use narrative, usability and accessibility to enhance the viewer’s experience. His understanding of object–orientated programming techniques allows him to develop software in which complex behaviors emerge from simple components.

Andrei Mondocauthor of Caldera Forms CiviCRM integration. Having studied electronics and technical drawing, Andrei’s main passion has always been to figure out how things work and has done so by crafting, building, creating (and breaking) stuff, from wood sculpting to guitar pedals, including auto repair and figuring out how to fix a toilet. He wrote his first line of code trying to port Linux drivers to Mac OS (in the PowerPC era). When he’s not punching code, he’s vandalizing the legal walls of London with street art, or smashing the guitar while listening to Led Zeppelin.

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