Help Desk FAQ

What are your support procedures, workflows and turnaround time?

Clients open tickets as needed and we pick them up as they come in. We will respond as quickly as possible, if not with a resolution then at least with an acknowledgement and some preliminary investigation. If the ticket is a “how-to” question (e.g., how do I configure this plugin; I need help setting up a price table in CiviCRM), it’s likely our first reply will contain an answer. If the ticket involves deeper investigation we generally check in with the client to discuss potential resolutions. If we have a fix that may take a few hours, we will present it to the client as an option before moving ahead. Every ticket is different, but timely and open communications are common to them all.

Do you accept emails or do staff need to submit a ticket into a support website?

Our ticket system accepts emails, and this option is preferred by many clients. Open a new ticket by emailing Our responses to tickets will always be sent to the client by email (clients determine who receives responses), and replies to these emails are added to the ticket automatically.

Are you available via phone or video chat?

We prefer email, but we recognize that live communications can sometimes provide faster resolutions. It helps at the start of a relationship to speak by phone or video, to get to know one another. We want all our clients to know and trust us, of course, and we strive to make them comfortable. Routine support tickets are best submitted and discussed by email, with Tadpole initiating the occasional voice or teleconference as needed.

Can we expect a same-day response? within 24 hours? on weekends?

We do our best to respond to every ticket within one business day, while remaining alert to anything that is truly urgent (i.e. site failure).

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