Managed Update Support

Managed Plans for WordPress & CiviCRM

Open Source Software such as WordPress and CiviCRM is often updated, and sites need to apply these updates to stay secure. Let Tadpole manage your site’s security by signing up for our Managed WordPress plan.

  • We push security updates to your site as soon as they are available, for both WordPress and plugins
  • We update plugins on a weekly basis, after reviewing the changes and satisfying ourselves that they are OK
  • WordPress & CiviCRM core updates
    • We apply security updates at once, and major versions once we feel they are ready

We do not update your theme until we can determine that it can be done without breaking your site.

We monitor your site to ensure it stays ‘up’. We monitor your SSL certificates to ensure that they don’t unexpectedly expire. We also monitor for security issues (e.g. a hacked site) using WordPress security plugins and If there is a problem, we can forward on to Sucuri and get the site back in shape, but our time handling this will be under regular help desk rates.

Managed Plan Costs:

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