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Harlem Pride already makes good use of CiviCRM on their WordPress website, but needed occasional support. Our CiviCRM Help Desk plans gives them the flexibility they need to focus their attention on their mission.


From the client:

The WordPress/CiviCRM integration is still rather new and there aren’t that many specialists out there. When we searched for a consultant that specialized in WordPress/CiviCRM integration, Tadpole came up again and again. We decided to give Tadpole a try and are glad we did. They are courteous, quick, and competent. They have a help-desk service that we use whenever we need a tweak here or there. They helped us with our email template design, membership integration, and made sure we had everything configured properly….. All for a low affordable fee. When it comes to WordPress and CiviCRM, you can’t go wrong with Tadpole.cc!

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