What Does 20 Hours of CiviCRM Help Desk Buy You?

Very few small non-profits have the budget to launch into a major website redesign and CRM upgrade. Rather than seek funding for a chunky project, many of Tadpole’s non profit organization and association clients opt to purchase Help Desk services to enhance their existing CiviCRM database — or even install a basic CiviCRM configuration on a WordPress website — and scale up as they become familiar and comfortable with the tool.

How far will your purchase of 20 hours of Help Desk time go? Here are a few examples of what clients have managed to accomplish:

  • Once they were up and running with their basic CiviCRM WordPress website, one professional association purchased 15 hours of Help Desk time for Tadpole to help plan and roll out new CiviCRM features for their members. One such feature allows members to upload information to showcase their own products, be they mobile apps, books, or blogs. The rest of the time was used to enhance event registration for their Annual Meeting and to explore the use of CiviCRM for tracking continuing education credits.
  • Another of our non-profit association clients was running an outdated version of CiviCRM. They purchased 20 hours of Help Desk time to bring their WordPress and CiviCRM software up to current standards. With the remaining time, we integrated the WordPress Events Organiser plugin with CiviCRM, giving them a streamlined way to manage their events.
  • One of Tadpole’s current clients has a long wish list of features and functionality they want for their association’s website. The highest priority items were included in their website redesign project, but the rest is being tackled as part of regular CiviCRM Help Desk work. They purchased one block of 20 hours for help updating the Forms, Profiles and Price Sets for their Annual Meetings, and to create a waiting list using Caldera Forms (wait-listed participants need to be added to the event manually). Once completed, the client purchased another 20 hours of CiviCRM Help Desk time to have us create an online Corporate Membership Application Form and connect it to Authorize.net to accept dues payments. First time members have a User Account in created for them in WordPress and complete contact information and payment details are stored in CiviCRM.
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