CiviCRM WordPress Website for the Seismological Society of America

The Seismological Society of America chose CiviCRM to replace multiple proprietary systems and consolidate all their operations with one open-source solution. Tadpole Collective suggested – and SSA showed an interest in – our “CiviCRM Launch Pad” product, a basic CiviCRM installation for managing Contacts, Contributions, Membership and Mailings.

  • We began by importing SSA’s existing contact data from MemberClicks and FilemakerPro and creating the custom fields to meet their tracking requirements. SSA has a complex membership fee structure, so there was a fair amount of work involved in configuring price sets and accounting codes prior to import.
  • We added Event Additional Signup to allow for online registration of SSA’s field trips and their annual meeting, an event with thousands of of participants, and created a CiviMail template that SSA used to announce the event and link through to the CiviEvent registration form. SSA now uses CiviMail for all their newsletters and announcements.
  • Tadpole implemented a single sign-on feature, providing a seamless experience for members bouncing between the SSA website and the third-party subscription sites where its academic journals are published.

Once on board with CiviCRM, SSA decided to redesign its WordPress Theme to provide a more streamlined experience for their members and move towards a pure WordPress+CiviCRM solution for all its organizational and outreach activities. Tadpole brought in LB Design to replace SSA’s outdated WordPress Theme, replacing much of the hard-coding with native WordPress functionality and/or plugins. With its new look and feel, the website leverages the best of WordPress and CiviCRM, enabling SSA to better serve their members and the broader community.

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