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Consolidate Constituent Management Operations in WordPress with CiviCRM!

If you run a non-profit organization you’re already well aware of the many special needs for collecting and managing information around the constituent groups you serve. You may need  to track fundraising, donations, event attendance, newsletter subscriptions and be required to report those figures to your funding sources. We’ve seen groups try to manage all this data using various spreadsheets, documents and databases or spend a small fortune on one of the many non profit contact management software packages available commercially. The former is a nightmare, the latter can be cost prohibitive.

Enter CiviCRM, now available as a plugin for WordPress

CiviCRM is a robust, web-based, Constituency Relationship Management (CRM) system designed specifically for non-profits and other civic-sector organizations. Unlike most proprietary software, CiviCRM is highly customizable, with plenty of out-of-the box functionality.  Because it’s open source software, each new release reflects the real needs of its users as enhancements are continually given back to the community.

Tadpole Collective is fast becoming the CiviCRM guru in the WordPress world.  Founding Member Dana Skallman presented at last month’s CiviCon and made a special appearance at the San Francisco WordPress Meet-Up to talk about how CiviCRM integration with WordPress is evolving into a powerful tool for non-profits.

You may also want to check out Dana’s previous presentations around CiviCRM/WordPress — you can find them here on Slideshare:

Over the past year, Tadpole Collective has been working with non-profits of all sizes to help them consolidate their daily activities and reports right into their WordPress website.  No more exporting to spreadsheets from multiple sources — information collected via the website (newsletter sign-ups, event registrations, etc.) is all stored in the CiviCRM database — and the ability to run advocacy and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns is just the icing on the cake.

With so many non-profits looking for a cost-effective solution to their content and contact management challenges, we’ve developed a CiviCRM Launch Pad package that can give the smaller organizations a leg up.  Get in touch if you think you’re group could benefit.

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