First Tadpole WordPress Workshop on Saturday

We are very excited to be holding our first WordPress Beginner Workshop this Saturday, September 29th!

The Tadpole team has spent the last few weeks putting together the curriculum for our beginner course, a day-long session that covers all the basics of WordPress, and goes beyond. Everything from installation, to creating and organizing content, to customization of your website’s look and feel, to proper security and backup practices, is a part of this course.

Every attendee is going to build her own brand new website, live in the classroom! You will get your own hosting account (with cPanel access) and have the freedom to install any WordPress themes or plugins that you want. All attendees get three months of free web hosting, so you can continue to build and develop your website.

You will receive hands-on instruction from 4 classroom trainers. By the end of the day, your website will be launched, and you will know exactly how it works – how to update pages, post new material, re-organize navigation menus, even overhaul the entire design, plus lots of other stuff. It’s going to be a fun day – there will be lots of time for questions, deep dives into the world of WordPress, and further resources to help you continue your learning.

You should definitely check it out :)

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