Taking Care of the People

A year ago I signed up for Dropbox and soon I had filled up my free 2GB. The service was great and easy to use, so I opted for the paid version. I was delighted when I saw this cartoon at the completion of my purchase:

dropbox upgrade


No point to that, right? Spending time drawing up a cartoon that people will see for one second, that is totally unnecessary to the act of purchasing?

I disagree. I smiled when I saw that. Here I am, a customer who has just forked over his cash, and you’ve got me smiling. There’s value in that.

Just last week, Dropbox emailed me out of the blue to say they’d doubled the size of my account: twice as much storage for the same price! Awesome! By the time I got my annual renewal fee charged through Paypal, I was smiling again – and not at all likely to cancel my subscription.

‘Customer service’ can take many forms, but making people happy is the essence. That’s exactly the goal we have when offering our services in the market: we want to make people happy. The people who make WordPress have a job title called Happiness Engineer – they have done a great job of spreading a happy, helpful vibe throughout the WordPress community. We want to pick that up and run with it.

When people ask for help with their websites, they don’t deserve to be made to feel stupid. Technology is difficult enough without someone making you feel inferior by treating your honest question with disdain. That’s not the way we work. All questions are welcomed and taken seriously. Anyone who is trying to learn deserves respect and help.

Kindness is an integral part of the WordPress community, and we at Tadpole recognize, appreciate, and participate in it. We want to be a company that you’re happy to have found, that helps you get where you’re going with a smile.

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