WordPress with CiviCRM: An Introductory Webinar

For CiviDay we are hosting a WordPress focused Webinar, details here.

Join a webinar to see how you can use your WordPress website with CiviCRM. See a brief demo of how you can use CiviCRM to capture contact information on your WordPress website. We will look at:

  • WordPress plugins for CiviCRM
  • WordPress shortcodes
  • CiviCRM Extensions

You can publish new content about your organization with ease using WordPress. Plus you can capture visitors’ information, automatically updating their contact profile in CiviCRM. This gives you a top-level view of how a specific contact interacts with your organization over time – track donations, membership, event attendance, and more!

This event will take place at 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time (see World Clock for your time zone)

Use the comments section to post any questions we can try answer during the webinar.

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