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Online Membership Sign-Up Using Caldera Forms CiviCRM Processors

In 2016, the Seismological Society of America went all-in with CiviCRM, engaging Tadpole Collective to implement a basic CiviCRM set-up to manage Contacts, Contributions, Events and Mailings. Membership module was installed – and used successfully for their 2017 membership drive — but SSA found the native CiviCRM membership form cumbersome. They had a multi-level, multi-option, […]

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CiviCRM WordPress Website for the Seismological Society of America

The Seismological Society of America chose CiviCRM to replace multiple proprietary systems and consolidate all their operations with one open-source solution. Tadpole Collective suggested – and SSA showed an interest in – our “CiviCRM Launch Pad” product, a basic CiviCRM installation for managing Contacts, Contributions, Membership and Mailings. We began by importing SSA’s existing contact

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CiviCRM with WordPress for NADOI

The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI) is a small organization with a very large reach. Their old membership database had become cumbersome to maintain, and their website needed a refresh. They opted for Tadpole’s WordPress+CiviCRM LaunchPad: a professional-looking, pre-designed WordPress Theme with a basic implementation of CiviCRM. Moving to WordPress with CiviCRM gave them a

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National Lawyers Guild

National Lawyers Guild was running CiviCRM on a Drupal website and was looking to make a change to WordPress. Tadpole provided them with a basic WordPress Theme (which NLG customized themselves) and migrated their CiviCRM data. One unpleasant surprise that many users Drupal-to-WordPress clients encounter is the discovery that WordPress does not include the same

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National Writers Union

The National Writers Union was running CiviCRM on a Drupal website, but found Drupal a bit too difficult for their non-technical administrators to use for routine content management operations. They had outgrown their site’s navigation structure and crucial information had become difficult to find, and they were little limited in terms of how they could the site to interact with their constituents

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Westchester Arts Council (ArtsW)

The Westchester Arts Council (aka Arts Westchester or “ArtsW”) was already using WordPress for website content management when they approached Tadpole Collective, but they were fast outgrowing some of the features that had been hard-coded into the original site’s design. They were also seeking to simplify a tedious internal process: keeping data in sync between half a dozen databases that track the

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Voice Foundation

The Voice Foundation is a small non-profit that needed help organizing online. They asked for: A way to track their organization’s various levels of membership Speakers at their annual symposium to be able to upload abstracts and materials Online registration for special events. Tadpole’s CiviCRM Launch Pad fit the bill, and the Foundation can rely on Tadpole

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